Biomedical Skin & Eye Care Solutions.


DNALuksus utilizes patent-pending, breakthrough anti-aging stem cell stimulating (SCS™) peptide technology. All formulas contain the preferred, chirally correct bioactive form of each ingredient.

Dr. Lili Fan’s research and practical development work provide a unique understanding of anti-aging skin care. This translates into knowing what works and why, resulting in enhanced raw materials and active ingredients to achieve optimum skin conditions. Luksus uses a system that delivers these unique smaller molecules to better focus on anti-aging.

Our research has provided an ingredient base that virtually changes the matrix of skin, answering every potential issue with a solution that delivers.

Changing the way we think skin care works

Luksus has harnessed patent-pending SCS™ (stem cell stimulating) technology, creating a unique SCS™peptide / Retinoid/Probiotic complex that increases protein genesis and decreases protease reaction. This extraordinary anti-aging skin care works with your body’s natural structure to help skin properly digest each product’s ingredient base, diminishing age factors, youthifying skin stem cells and nourishing your face with what’s needed, where it’s needed.



Skin. Eye. Lash. It gets under your skin.

Imagine patent-pending, anti-aging SCS™ (stem cell stimulating) and patented peptide technologies combined with an incredible ingredient base. Skin care that understands gene expression, growth factors, boosters and super antioxidants and their ability to simulate a renewed surface. Always luxurious, always Luksus.