Biomedical Skin & Eye Care Solutions.

Phospholipid GF™ Moisturizer

Matrix-regenerating lipopeptide complex with patent-pending phospholipid growth factors and boosters examines DNA damage during sleep hours.

  • Complex nutrients combine with skin's natural immune properties to enhance skin's surface
  • Helps repair DNA damage
  • Infiltrates surface layer to maximize a healthier, stronger stratum corneum
  • Infuses vitamin D3 to increase the appearance of youth, thickness and flexibility
  • Optimizes antioxidant enzyme production with patent-pending bioactive tripeptides to keep skin smooth and unlined
  • Reveals younger-looking skin with diminished lines and wrinkles and fading imperfections

According to a consumer study conducted by Luksus Skin, users of both SCS™ BioGel and Phospholipid GF™ Moisturizer experienced a 300% improvement in the appearance of their skin when both products were used twice daily, morning and evening.


Price: $69.00




Skin. Eye. Lash. It gets under your skin.

Imagine patent-pending, anti-aging SCS™ (stem cell stimulating) and patented peptide technologies combined with an incredible ingredient base. Skin care that understands gene expression, growth factors, boosters and super antioxidants and their ability to simulate a renewed surface. Always luxurious, always Luksus.