Biomedical Skin & Eye Care Solutions.

Dr. Lili Fan

M.D., Scientist, Anti-Aging Specialist

What is Luksus?Lili Fan is a visionary entrepreneur and scientist who consistently identifies the coming needs of the beauty industry, often years before others. With her uncanny ability to virtually predict the future, she has become a transformational force in cosmeceutical personal care, delivering patent-pending anti-aging SCS™ (stem cell stimulation) and patented peptide technologies inside innovative anti-aging products that literally change the face of science.

Dr. Fan holds numerous patents for polymeric and oligomeric biosurfactants including lipo-oligopeptides. She is a co-inventor of a lipopeptide technology platform, resulting in numerous lipopeptides, which have found commercial application in proliferative and antimicrobial topical applications. Among these lipopeptides is myristoyl pentapeptide-17, known to lengthen and thicken eyelashes after just two weeks. She has also harnessed a breakthrough skin stem cell-stimulating bio-emulsion known as SCS™ Booster Complex. This incredible SCS™ Peptide/Retinoid/Probiotic complex allows more energy for matrix protein and antioxidant enzyme production, and also delivers a soothing form of retinol. To deliver these ingredients as well as the others in the formula base, Fan also developed a natural, dual-functioning bioactive system known as MicroBiozome™. It is used as an edible emulsifier to deliver a micro-nutrient proliferative complex in all Luksus skin care so that skin can virtually “digest” ingredients in order to diminish age-related skin factors like fine lines and wrinkles.

It is Dr. Fan’s belief that there are two forms of aging, genetic and environmental, and that the environmental can be changed. Her work has recently extended to a new, patent-pending lipopeptide inside a line of Luksus Skin Care solutions to help prevent and repair DNA damage; her extensive understanding of bioactive anti-inflammatories and collagen regeneration contributes to her ability to help return skin to a youthful look and feel. SCS™ Serum and Phospholipid GF™ Moisturizer, used together, show up to a 300 percent improvement in diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. A Dual Eye Treatment includes a Gene (DNA) Repair Serum and Collagen Regenerating Cream.

An experienced biochemist, microbiologist and practicing ophthalmologist, Dr. Fan often focuses her anti-aging knowledge on products for the eyes including eyelash and eyebrow peptides, and a revolutionary two-part eye serum. Dr. Fan led in the development of human cell culture methods for the determination of efficacy and safety of potential cosmeceutical bioactives. This methodology allows complete replacement of animal testing for human topical products. All products that include her technologies are as natural as possible, cruelty free, and clinically tested to meet and surpass quality standards, and are current Good Manufacturing Practice compliant.

She is president and founder of Luksus® Skin biomedical, offering superior anti-aging skin care solutions, of Fantasia International Inc.™, specializing in the development of advanced skin care, and is a founding director of Owen Botanical Organics, Inc., a biotechnology company offering USDA certified organic ingredients for cosmetic applications. Previously, Dr. Fan was President and COO of Therapeutic Peptides, Inc., which develops, tests and manufactures novel, proprietary peptides and lipopeptides. She has written extensively on collagen, the effects of retinoid acid and intraocular lens implantation. In addition to her patented anti-aging product development, she also conducts research projects at Louisiana State University Health Science Center.

She is based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.


Skin. Eye. Lash. It gets under your skin.

Imagine patent-pending, anti-aging SCS™ (stem cell stimulating) and patented peptide technologies combined with an incredible ingredient base. Skin care that understands gene expression, growth factors, boosters and super antioxidants and their ability to simulate a renewed surface. Always luxurious, always Luksus.