Biomedical Skin & Eye Care Solutions.

Eye Care

Two-Step Dual Eye Treatment

Reduction of fine lines and wrinkles by using Dual Eye Treatment system
Canfied Imaging System

Before and After

Gene (DNA) Repair Serum
SCS™ technology stimulates restoration while patent-pending peptides help ease the appearance of crow’s feet.

Collagen Regenerating Cream
Maximizes collagen up-regulation with lipopeptide complex and nanosomal delivery to help firm and tighten.



Skin. Eye. Lash. It gets under your skin.

Imagine patent-pending, anti-aging SCS™ (stem cell stimulating) and patented peptide technologies combined with an incredible ingredient base. Skin care that understands gene expression, growth factors, boosters and super antioxidants and their ability to simulate a renewed surface. Always luxurious, always Luksus.